Imagine your business as something greater!

Creative Refinery is a professional services agency specializing in business development through digital marketing.

We help small to mid-sized businesses increase sales and market share, and blending our expertise in these two disciplines allows us to deliver proven results… on time, and on budget.

How can we help you?

Discovery is being open to possibility.


Opportunity Imagination: the creative guide to marketing and business development.

Our Mission: to deliver successful business growth through sustainable change.

Our Vision: to be your trusted business partner. Your success will be the true measure of ours, and we will grow your revenue by ‘creatively refining’ what already differentiates your business.

Can we help you? For emerging companies, we can help you work through business plans, sales and marketing strategies, and product launches. But our ideal fit is a small to mid-sized business with an established suite of products or scalable service solutions.

Are we connected? We are a word-of-mouth agency that does business on a referral basis. Happy clients are a business referral we can trust, and we appreciate the recommendation that brought you here today.

Our Approach:

Discover what your customers already love about you!

The original idea that started your business made it this far. Now how do you improve on it? Make it scalable?

This discovery step typically comes with a lot of questions. What is your business model? Who are your customers? What is your growth strategy? How will the framework of your business scale to support sales growth?

This early stage conversation is invaluable. Everything we both learn in the discovery phase will determine what success looks like.

Execute the plan and strategically orchestrate your tactics/channels.

Every touch point matters… your website, social media, search results, loyalty programs, email marketing, and every interaction your sales team has with customers.

The relevance of your content and the performance of every systems application is invaluable, because it all plays a part in your relationship with your customers.

Make every touch point meaningful and customers will love you!

Analyze the results and phase in next steps.

What worked and how do we plan our next steps according to the data? Continuous improvement is the goal, and each scope of work and your commitment to the plan will produce the desired outcome.

The results will be unique to your growth objectives and the scalability of your business. We will do our best to set you up for success through sustainable change (that you can effectively manage).

Now that you know what we do… how can we help you?


Business Development

Strategy to training…
and everything that matters.

Starting a business requires a plan. Growing a business requires the evolution of that plan. We can help you look at everything you’ll need to get to make that happen.

We offer a full range of consulting and training services, from sales and marketing to human resources and adding new staff. And our level of involvement can be as flexible as you need it to be.

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Digital Marketing

Concept to execution…
and everything in-between.

Start identifying your objective(s) and allow that process to determine the services and software you need. We can help you completely recreate your online presence, and help launch your next campaign.

Creative services, content management, social media tactics, and putting this all together for you is our speciality. And these activities naturally follow our initial consultation.

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Digital Support

Web services to modifications…
and everything after.

Sometimes you just need to make changes to your existing website. Or maybe you’re hoping to improve your search rankings.

We understand that a website isn’t finished after it’s launched, so where other designers or developers stop, we start.

After an evaluation, we can provide the digital support you need throughout your website’s lifecycle.

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“Creativity is imagination…
and imagination is an opportunity to
view the familiar in a new way.”

~ Nathan J Wagner


Some of our frequently asked questions:

You need to increase revenue!

We won’t cost you anything more than the results we deliver, and our hybrid experience in successfully leading sales and marketing teams has developed into a resourceful approach to:
• Digital Marketing & Business Development Strategies (consulting/services)
• Website Services & Support (WordPress/Drupal)
• System Integration Strategies & Support (enterprise SaaS/CRM)
• Content Marketing & Social Media Strategies (segmented/targeted messaging and pathways)
• SEO / SEM / PPC Strategies (research/persona modeling/reporting & ROI)

We possess a broad range of experience in project leadership, enterprise SaaS sales, digital marketing systems integration, reputation management… and process development and integration for mergers and acquisitions.

Industry Experience:
Marketing Services, eCommerce, Brand Apparel, CPG/Shopper Marketing, Digital/Social Platforms, Healthcare Systems, Printing & Premedia, Financial Services, and Travel & Leisure.

Strategic Partners:
We do not specialize in custom software development, print, photography/video, accounting, legal advice, supply chain management, etc. – but we have strategic partnerships with people that do.

Creative Refinery is conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ at 2634 S. 16th St / 85034.

We can be anywhere in the city in about 30min––from Scottsdale to Chandler, or Peoria to Avondale. If you are out of state, our office is near the airport and we are a short flight away from almost any city in the U.S.

Yes. This is why Creative Refinery exists and why we are the experts in re-imaging what already makes your company great.

How much your business can scale is dependent on your organizational framework –– i.e., how many customers can you serve, can your supply chain or resources keep up with demand, do you need to create more demand, and do you know the gaps/opportunities in your current workflows or processes?

These are the questions that will guide us down the right path, together. And the only rocket surgery involved is blending best practices with actionable data and market research to arrive at the best recommendations/solutions.

Yes. Helping your company grow might be through merger or acquisition. Often this comes with a scope of work that requites the audit and consolidation of systems, workflows, applications and processes.

We have experience performing this work at every level, from small businesses to billion dollar enterprises. The risks can be mitigated through careful planning and execution, and relationship structuring [messaging the why and promoting the new] to both internal stakeholders and existing customers.

Most likely… but we would need access to the code before providing any recommendations or web services.

We specialize in WordPress, with some experience in Drupal, and these two content management systems are in use by over 60% of the market.

That said, it depends on what is broken. Sometimes a routine fix can be made, and sometimes it’s just best to start over.

It depends on the project.

We offer hourly rate pricing for consulting services and web services, and per project pricing based on the scope of work.

Discovery – the fee for discovery services is based on your business, and the deliverable is an actionable plan. Some projects or campaigns can arrive at this strategic plan in one afternoon. Others require the participation from any number of stakeholders to advance the process. Bottom line: the greater the need, the more details to account for in the plan.

Strategic Growth – we prefer to work with our clients through best practices and an achievable growth plan [Your Budget = Desired Outcome]. Depending on the resources or software required, this engagement is a combination of pass through costs, project leadership and subject matter expertise.

Aggressive Growth – our standard budgetary guidance to “Hit the Ground Running” and deliver immediate results can range anywhere from $10K to $50K (for market ready deliverables in 4 to 6 weeks). The variables are scope, scale and resources. Enterprise projects (up to 16 weeks or longer) require a Discovery to be estimated.

Web Services & Support – plans start around $400 a month, and not-to-exceed limits set by you. This includes content publishing, updates and SEO optimization.

Email us at [email protected] to describe your business, provide a link to your website, and a briefly summarize your near term or future goals.

Creative Refinery is a referral based agency. We rely almost exclusively on the successful relationships with our clients, and everything we help them achieve.

Our philosophy: happy clients refer others that are like-minded and in need of our services and expertise.

If you were not directly referred to Creative Refinery, then you are invited to look up Nathan J. Wagner (founding principal/consultant) on LinkedIn. Maybe we share some professional connections? Our reach extends across many industries, and cities, so it might surprise us whom and what we share in common.