We have a lot to offer.

Let’s start with what you need.

Is there something specific you’re looking for, or do you need a new everything? We’ll always try to bring it back to defining your target audience and honing in on what they're looking for. Then we'll present you with a full compliment of marketing services to achieve your objective.

If you're looking for marketing results, then you've come to the right place!  Our consultative approach begins with an open and honest conversation about your book in these key areas: Audience, Strategy, Framework and Outcome (goals)… then we determine how to best work together to create a marketing plan that is cost effective and measureable in purpose, function and performance.

You are here?

The value of Discovery

It's easy to believe that any marketing strategy is only one or two pieces away from achieving greatness. But we know that that isn't true, and the real strategy comes from the discovery phase.

Where are you today? Where do you want to go? Have you done the research to support the goals you have for your book? What do you think you need help with and why? These questions are a necessary part of the process, but the discovery phase is also intended to be a mutually beneficial conversation.

As the initial step towards building a healthy working relationship, the conclusion of the discovery phase should satisfy these concerns:

  • Does everyone clearly understand the vision for the book launch and what success looks like?
  • Can we arrive at a shared understanding of our priorities, the scope of work, and our budget?
  • Will we work well together and achieve your objective?

Let’s explore all the possibilities together!

Principal Marketing Strategies

Your 360º Solution


You have a new book (or your first book) and you have questions about how to get the book in front of people. Whatever "it" is… it's a new story to tell, and you'll need a measurable awareness strategy.

Tactics: Website(s). Search. Social Media. Podcasts. Videos & Graphics.


Quarterly promotions on Amazon. Book launch events. Shop online and have it delivered tomorrow! Every call to action and marketing tactic should effectively support your sales strategy.

Tactics: Positioning. Events. KDP Solutions. Seasonal Promos.


The foundation for any business is built on Customer Retention & Referrals. Your loyalty strategy should facilitate opportunities for fans to be aware of future products and book releases.

Tactics: Newsletter Database & Email Marketing. Exclusive Content. Reviews.

Next Steps?

We love brainstorming, problem solving and having discovery conversations with new clients.