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Where marketing and advertising experts became content creators and best-selling authors ... and began helping other independent authors refine their self-published work.

The CREATIVE REFINERY is a collaborative team of consultants helping authors with their marketing strategy before, during, and after the launch of their book.

Strategies to Target Your Audience

Marketing is an expense and every dollar spent should produce a metric result.  It should also be a fully integrated strategy and a mix of creative tactics working together to promote your book to your target audience(s). 

Anything less is just a waste of your time and money.

CREATIVE REFINERY is your collaborative team of experts that help you with complete transparency –– no hidden fees and no confusion regarding the tactics we recommend (or advise against).  Our singular purpose is to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to SELL MORE BOOKS!

Do you need to build a website?  Or stand out and improve search results?  Or execute a more strategic approach to your social media content and advertising campaigns?

We can help! 

Shedule a FREE intial consultation today. 


Ideas. Characters. Stories.

You have a story to tell ... but you need some help getting started.

We offer Ghostwriting services to help you start writing, and Manuscript Consultation to simply assess where you're at and how to move forward.

Our Self-Publishing Program starts with a discovery conversation and a manuscript review. This process is the first step in outlining your marketing strategy and everything you should consider before you launch the book –– because it's best to research marketability and fully understand 'all the little details' sooner than later.


Publishing is a collaborative process!

Who we are.

We are your marketing and publsihing team, and an extension of your work as an author and thought leader. We'll help you with strategy, production and distribution –– and we'll get results. That's how trusted agency relationships work.

Why we do it.

  • We are authors, writers and content creators.
  • We started out just like you, too.
  • We all needed help with our first project.
  • We wish we'd known about us sooner.

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The CREATIVE REFINERY team has a broad range of experience in an equally broad range of categories. If we are completely unfamiliar or do not offer the services you seek, we will absolutely help you find a couple of pre-vetted partners who can.